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about the program

Chess is a challenging but fun game to learn and just perfect for Hamilton students grades 2-8. Whether through chess club at lunch a few times each week, or with after-school chess, or by participating on our competitive Chess Team, chess teaches critical thinking, determination and grit, as well as good sportsmanship and a sense of fair play.  Many of our players are developing into strong competitors, but no experience is necessary to play club chess. All we ask is to bring a good attitude, be open to learning, and have fun! Chess at Hamilton is offered free of charge.


Chess can be as much an activity that empowers kids socially as well as mentally. We are looking to build community and friendships through chess and teach them skills they will use in many areas of their life., skills such as sportsmanship, persevering through adversity, and thinking about their moves and learning from mistakes. We want to build champions on and off the chessboard.

Lunchtime Chess Club:  Open to grades 2-8 we often pack the chess room in C-3 with eager students of chess. Strong chess will take time, but fun chess starts right away. Be sure to encourage your student to check it out!


After-school Chess:  We will offer a competitive team club class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays where we will learn and have fun in a structured learning environment with particular attention for future tournament play.  We will also have additional learning days which may include Saturday open club, online events, and maybe occasional live streaming of online tournaments!


Competitive Chess Team: We have traveled with our team to State and Regional Tournaments. Competitive chess is very rewarding, but quite demanding of our students. Competition requires chess players to understand the game, remain calm under pressure, and to be open to growth and the learning experience, win, lose or draw.

Contact Abel with any questions:

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